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Responsible Captive Breeding of WC Chameleons

Chameleons are some of the most unique and fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom, and many people are drawn to the idea of owning a chameleon as a pet. However, despite their popularity, many chameleons are illegally exported from their native home of Madagascar due to the high demand for the animals, causing immense challenges […]

Panther Chameleons, Care Sheet

Article by Petr Necas & Bill Strand (Download the Quick Guide as a PDF) Legend Sub-legend Description             Taxonomy Taxon Furcifer pardalis Common Names Panther Chameleon (English) Sakorikita (Malagassy) Original name Chamaeleo pardalis Author Cuvier, 1829 Original description Règne, animal, 2nd ed., 2: 60 Type locality Ile de France (= […]

Repti-Zoo Cages, why they are the best?

REPTI-ZOO Reptile Flat Packed Terrariums Now you have options, all glass, all screen or hybrid (glass and screen) Rep-tizoo Glass terrariums are the preferred choice of professional Herpetologists. They offer the best viewing for your animal; they are suitable for damp and humid conditions, are hygienic, and easy to clean. They also maintain the correct […]

WC Chameleons, before & after

Chameleons exhibit a remarkable transformation in captivity, surpassing their wild counterparts in vibrant colours and overall appearance. The impact of optimal care and nurturing becomes evident, illustrating that a well-maintained environment yields dazzling results for these enigmatic reptiles. Unlike their counterparts in the wild, captive chameleons enjoy the luxury of not having to embark on […]

Quick Setup Guide

A lot has been said and done about caring for chameleons, we strongly recommend you to do your research about keeping chameleons and the best word of advice I can give you:  Don’t listen to the general public on forums or Facebook pages. Look for information published by long-term chameleon breeders or keepers, ask them […]


Dear Friends,
As I mentioned over the weekend, we are ready for our next shipment. However, I have decided to move the date to April.
The reason: The shipment has to do a stop before coming to Canada; the place where it transfers has an embargo right now due to cold weather. So they are moving our date to mid-February. As you know, this has been a colder than usual winter for us; the temperatures for mid-February in Canada will be way below zero. So I’m not willing to take any risk. I know we are all excited and anxious, but we have to be mindful of what’s best and play it safe.
It will happen in April at the latest rain or shine, guaranteed. But, of course, as soon as the weather shows some mercy and we have temperatures above zero, we’ll move ahead, so we could be getting it in March if the temperatures are proper.
Even if we got them next week as planned, I wouldn’t be able to ship to most of you due to the low temps in your provinces.
Thank you for your support and understanding. I’m sure most of you will agree with me on my decision, and as always, it will be worth it.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me on FB chat, email or over the phone.