Chameleons, Quick Setup Guide

Chameleons Quick Setup Guide A lot has been said and done about caring of chameleons, we strongly recommend you to do your research about keeping chameleons and the best word of advice I can give you: Don’t listen to the general public on forums or Facebook pages. Look for information published by long term chameleon […]

Terrariums: Glass or Screen? That, is the question.

Terrariums, Glass or Screen? That, is the question. For many years screen cages have been the way to, go to keep chameleons, and some may think glass enclosures are some to avoid at all cost.    I think that is because many years ago, fish tanks were used to make terrariums;  chameleons were poorly kept […]

Wild Caught Chameleons Before and After

Wild Caught Chameleons, before and after. With no doubt chameleons in the wild are not as good looking as they are in captivity. Good nurturing pays off big time in captivity. Just think about it, chameleons in captivity don’t have to travel long distances to find food, they have water everyday and nice UVB lighting, […]