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SunBlaster T5HO 6400k with NanoTech Reflector Combo

SunBlaster T5HO 6400k with NanoTech Reflector Combo


The brand used by the Pros. Includes a Nano reflector to cover more cage area.

The original Bulb is replaced with an Arcadia 6% UVB light bulb, great for chameleons, day geckos, etc.

  • 24″
  • Get more light to your chameleons with no additional power
  • Improved light penetration
  • Reduce heat build-up
  • WIth Arcadia 6% UVB light

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The SunBlaster T5HO Combos include a T5HO Electronic ballast,  6400K lamp, power cord with on /off switch, and jumper plug with both hanging and flat surface mounting clips.

The NanoTech T5 Reflector spreads light wider across the plant canopy, penetrating deeper into the plant foliage, without consuming any additional power.

The SunBlaster T5 NanoTech Reflector increases the light output by as much as 48% without consuming any additional power.

The NanoTech T5 Reflector that is included in your Combo also provides superior heat reduction by reflecting heat the was previously absorbed by the lamp and ballast into the growing area.

This can help extend both lamp and ballast life.

**These bulbs only provide UVA not UVB. For a light fixture with a UVB bulb check out our SunBlaster T5HO+Arcadia 6% UVB with NanoTech Reflector


Dear Friends,
As I mentioned over the weekend, we are ready for our next shipment. However, I have decided to move the date to April.
The reason: The shipment has to do a stop before coming to Canada; the place where it transfers has an embargo right now due to cold weather. So they are moving our date to mid-February. As you know, this has been a colder than usual winter for us; the temperatures for mid-February in Canada will be way below zero. So I’m not willing to take any risk. I know we are all excited and anxious, but we have to be mindful of what’s best and play it safe.
It will happen in April at the latest rain or shine, guaranteed. But, of course, as soon as the weather shows some mercy and we have temperatures above zero, we’ll move ahead, so we could be getting it in March if the temperatures are proper.
Even if we got them next week as planned, I wouldn’t be able to ship to most of you due to the low temps in your provinces.
Thank you for your support and understanding. I’m sure most of you will agree with me on my decision, and as always, it will be worth it.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me on FB chat, email or over the phone.