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Brookesia Thieli - PAIR. PRE ORDER. COMING MAY 2021

Brookesia Thieli - PAIR. PRE ORDER. COMING MAY 2021


You are Preordering for our May 2021 Shipment.

Just taking orders for pairs at the moment.

Amazing little creatures, not frequently seen in Canada.

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AKA Dwarf chameleons. Amazing little creatures. Glow in the dark! Easy to keep and in excellent shape. Males and females are available. Note. We do our best to sex these but given the small size and similarities between males and females, we cannot guarantee sex 100%.

Size Chart

Approx. Age Unknown
Size 1.5" Snout to Vent.
Other N/A


Your satisfaction is prime for us. We don’t just say it, we guarantee it!

Chameleons Canada prides itself on offering premium wild-caught reptiles from Madagascar.

10 years importing high-quality animals from Madagascar. When you are pre-ordering from us, your deposit is secure.

We do not finance our imports with your money. Your deposit is 100% refundable if we can’t get the species you ordered.

Most of our stock comes from the wild unless is indicated as CB. As a part of being a responsible owner, we recommend regular Vet visits.