Your satisfaction is prime for us. We don’t just say it, we guarantee it!

Chameleons Canada prides itself on offering premium wild-caught reptiles from Madagascar.

We have built a strong network to make sure that we get the best quality animals and offer them for the lowest possible price.

10 years importing high-quality animals from Madagascar. When you pre-order from us, your deposit is secure.

We do not finance our imports with your money. Your deposit is 100% refundable if we can’t get the species you ordered.

100% Clean record. Please check our clients’ feedback on our Facebook fan page!

Your satisfaction is prime for us. We don’t just say it, we guarantee it!

Most of our stock comes from the wild unless is indicated as CB. As a part of being a responsible owner, we recommend regular Vet visits.

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Our animals are treated with the proper care to ensure they are on top health before you receive them. We only sell quality animals.

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After-sales service making sure you are satisfied. We deal directly with individuals looking for unique animals for collections & breeding programs.



No storefront, no overhead= Best prices. Pickup is available at reptile shows and in-person (GTA). Shipping available Canada and International.

FAQ During COVID 19

Do you have any Chameleons or Geckos in stock? YES. We have Ambilobe Panther chameleons in stock. Nothing else.

2. When is your next shipment? As soon as airports re-open we are ready to bring our order. Unfortunately, we don’t have a specific date yet, as soon as we have it it will be posted here. But it’ll happen for sure.

3. Do you ship to the USA? No, we don’t, sorry.

4. How old are the animals you are bringing? We do not sell babies. We usually get animals Adults and sub-Adults. Around 9-12 months old.

5. Do you have any Veild or Jackson Chameleons? No, only Madagascar Species.

6. Pricing and shipping info? Please visit our website for info.


secure your order. we are receiving a large number of orders and many of the animals coming in our next shipment are sold out. By pre-ordering now, you are securing your choice at the best price. Most likely prices will be adjusted once the order is here. 

Pre-Orders Available Only

Pre-Order Now! Available As soon as Airports re-open!

Delivery starting Soon!

Please note, the animals below HAVE NOT ARRIVED YET. We are getting these on our next shipment, as soon as the airports re-open for cargo from Madagascar. We hope this will be in a month or two. By pre-ordering you are securing the best animals at the best price!

*Prices are in CAD for Canada. USD for the rest of the Countries.​

Why pre-ordering now?


First Pick

Pick first from the best available. First come first served system.

Secure your order

Fixed price and gender pick when you pre-order. Pricing changes and gender restrictions might be applied once shipment is landed.

Refundable payment

Your purchase is 100% Refundable if we cannot get what you ordered. It's not if you cancel.

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Buy with Confidence

Please check our customer feedback at our Facebook fan page and confirm you are buying from an honest business.

Payment Methods: You can pay with any major Credit Card, Email Money transfer or Paypal.

Want to order in person? Send me a private message via Facebook and I’ll take your order personally.

Secure payment handled by Square and Interac e-transfer

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