Chameleons Canada prides itself in offering premium captive-bred and wild-caught reptiles from Madagascar.
We have built a strong network to make sure that we get the best quality animals and offer them for the lowest possible price.


9 years importing high quality animals from Madagascar. When you pre-order from us, your deposit is secure. We do not finance our imports with your money. Your deposit is 100% refundable if we can't get the species you ordered.


100% Clean record. Please check our clients feedback on our Facebook fan page!
Your satisfaction is prime for us. We don't just say it, we guarantee it!

Our reptiles come first

our customer is you

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Our animals are treated with the proper care to ensure they are in top health before you receive them. We only sell quality animals. We don’t just say it, we guarantee it!

Complete after sales service to make sure you are satisfied. We deal directly with individual customers who are looking for unique animals to add to their collection or breeding program.

Our wholesale division caters to pet stores and dealers. So no order is too big and no order is too small. If you want premium reptiles we will look after you.

our quality stands out of the crowd


we provide only the best

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Here is a sample of our quality. These animals have been imported by us in the past.

NEXT Import february 2018


What's coming?

So far this is what we have decided to bring, if you are interested in any of these, we suggest you pre-order to secure your animals. If you want to order something not on this list please let me know, we might be able to get it as a special order.


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Nosy Mitsio $500ea

Ambanja $300ea

Carpet $150ea

Parsonii Cristifer $1500ea

 Furcifer Petteri $350ea

Brookesia Superciliaris $100ea


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Fimbriatus $175ea

Sikorae $150ea

Sameiti $175ea

Phantasticus $280ea

Laticauda $75ea


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Picta $50ea

Gracilis $85ea

Androyensis $75ea

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